We are Google Certified Partner

The benefits of achieving Google Certified Partner status

Google offers a wide range of programs for individuals and organizations as part of its set of trainings and tools. The benefits of a firm becoming a Google Certified Partner are many: one can display the official “Google Certified Partner” banner, and be officially listed on Google’s Partner Pages.
But there are also less obvious benefits that can accrue to partners: here are some of them:

  • Staying abreast with evolving best PPC practices. Google’s best practices are made immediately available to certified members of the program, letting your staff stay on top of the rapidly changing developments in paid search.
  • Better PPC performance. Fewer mistakes and better execution means overall lower CPCs, better ROI, and ultimately a stronger agency.
  • Professional development. We are very enthusiastic about the Google training programs – not only does it open up the potential for an elevated position, but it makes us better, more knowledgeable professionals. Consequently we are better able to serve our clients, providing a win-win for us and the clients.
  • Beta Features. As Certified Google Partner we have access to Google’s beta features. This means that after Google has developed a new feature or application, its partners can test and use this feature up to a year or more before it is available to the general public. Imagine the advantages to be gained by using Google marketing features a year before your competition even has access to it!
  • Google partners can provide you huge financial savings on AdWords PPC cost: Please click on the link goo.gl/xhTVuo too see the possible promotions.

What We Offer?


Quality engaging content that persuades your visitors to back link to your website is the key for natural back links. We mentioned natural since new Google algorithm check for this natural quality. Quality UX/UI Design that keep the visitor engaged through the website is also important. Search Engine Optimization is mainly guided by Google. On page optimization including H1, H2, H3 tags, Title and Description tags, and other website related optimization are essential as well. We never forget what your main keywords are and we know how to harness power of Google to recognize your main keywords.

SEO Audits

We start with Google webmaster tool (diagnostic tool) to check your website for any problems such as pages that are not indexed or any other problematic issues. This audit will be ongoing and weekly or bi-weekly reports will be created for your peace of mind. Google webmaster tool is also a great tool to know the position of each of your keywords in search result pages. Initial keyword ranking is essential to see improvements as we create more content, blogs, and deservedly accumulate back links.

Best links techniques

Based on past experience we have noticed blog pages that are quality pages and have relevant information grab natural back links. Our job is to create AUTHORITY for your relevant keywords. The more your relevant keywords are ANCHORED from other website to your website the better and higher your authority score for those keywords. Blogs are the best source for creating authority for your main keywords. News that contain your keywords are also best candidate for your blogs.

Quick support

We are here to help you build a website that is optimized and has great user experience (UX Design) and great user interface design (UI Design). We believe they are all related. We are happy to guide you to make your website better with quality information about latest Google algorithm changes and latest skills in optimization and eMarketing. We believe you are the best source of content and related information that enhances your website. We look for you to help us also to make your business grow. We believe this is a shared endeavor.

We work for the best

We not only work for the best, we also make ordinary the best. We believe each and every website deserves the best quality design and content to engage the visitor and to convince the visitor to either buy or use the service.

Why Customers Loves Us?

High positions

We have continuously increased keyword ranking for our clients and we are happy to share with you on how we have advanced keywords positions for Google. High positions are attainable only if quality engaging and convincing content is presented in your website. This content must foster visitors’ intrinsic motivations. Quality natural back links are stable and long lasting.

Long term effects

Good quality content is lasting and unique. An engaging website with good UX/UI design has long term effect. We strive to keep our clients for life of the website and no job is too small. We are a team of Designers, Developers. PHP and Database Design experts in Front End and Back-end WordPress and other platforms.

Qualified workers

We know how to manage private servers and design the most sophisticated websites for you. We keep abreast of latest Google algorithm updates. We create value for our clients through effective PR and other advertising platforms. We have extensive eCommerce platform expertise such as Open Cart and other platforms.

Online support

We are ready to discuss your new ideas and any suggestion you might have. We need your feedback and we are ready to help. We believe learning is the key to be able to provide our clients the most advanced and effective platforms.

Powerful tools

We continuously learn the new tools and how to effectively use them.  We spend lots of times to make sure our clients have access to the most advanced diagnostic and intelligence tools.

Confidential agreement

Rest assured that each client’s strategy is confidential and will never be recreated or shared with another client.

Get free pricing

We will be glad to do a preliminary analysis of your current website or even discuss design of a new website. All preliminary analysis are free and they might be eye opening based on past experinces

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