Power of YouTube. After Google, YouTube is the second most searched platform.

Pay only if the see your ad; must see the ad for 30 seconds or the length of the ad to get charged for the ad. So if they see your ad for 15 seconds and the ad is actually 60 seconds long, you will not pay.

5 Seconds Rule

Non skippable ads:

Don’t forget Mobile. Over half of all YouTube views are now on Mobile.

Better Audience Targeting – Audience Insights

Great Metrics

You can give value to each and get full measure


Campaign Banner shows on top right and it is free click

Call to Action Overlay (not part of creative) – Set this in YouTube account

Examples: Click here to sign up, click here to get coupon,

Allows for Layered Targeting which is very useful (ingenious)

For example, Cars. In-Market are those who are actually trying to buy cars. Affinity are those who are just car enthusiastic about cars

Remarketing is very effective

Frequency Capping: Capping the Number of times an ad is shown to a unique Audience

Better to create several creatives and show different creatives and cap each creative.

Allows for Unique Reporting and Optimizing