What is the Google Display Network?

Position of Text Ads

Position of Image Ads

Video Ads

Targeting: Content and Topic – Audience is regardless of website

Use Contextual Targeting Tool

Dynamically insert the keyword that generated the ad

Modified Bidding

Enhanced CPC increase by 30 percent higher all the way down to zero

Conversion Optimizer needs at least 15 or more conversions

CO is Conversion Optimizer

Automated Targeting and Automated Bidding together

Web page like juvenile humor

When QS does not matter – CPM Bidding

Conversion Optimizer is different from Display Optimizer. Display Optimizer also tries to find new placed to place your ad. CPM is only for DGDN

Image, Video, Rich not on Google Search

You can make edits on the ads that don’t look good


Great for Demographic

AdWords for Video and GDN for Video? Pricing Model

AdWords for Video offer TrueView that you pay cost per view. It can be any length. Upload to YouTube.

In GDN there is limitation on Video length. Cannot be longer than 30 seconds. No skipping option.

AdWords for Video is now in AdWords interface. Targeting groups are gone and we now have Ad Groups.