Segment by Day and Time:

Segment by Device

By Marketing Channels

Segment by Geography

Customer Characteristics: Repeat vs First Time

Context: Internally or Externally (Industry Benchmark)


Internal Context: Based on your own historical performance

Macro is when purchase is confirmed

Micro Conversion: Special Offer

The concept of assist:

Setting up analytics needs:

Implementation is when you get the Google code



Analytic Platform:

Collection from any digital input

JavaScript Code:

Websites vs Mobile:

Summary of platform:

Dimension Examples:


30-minute Rule Default for session to expire and inactivity: But you can change that

Default: Session will end after 30 minutes of inactivity

A Video type of site needs more than 30 minutes (if videos are long) to count a session

PageView is defined when a user visits a page. But when they click to see a video that is called an event.
Visit Duration is 8:15-8:00
Page Duration is 8:15 – 8:05

Bounce was traditionally defined as one user comes in and leaves without interaction with other pages

Does not matter how much time they spend on a page

Since he did not go to another page Google cannot calculate time on page

High Bounce Rate might be ok when you expect the visitor to see only one page

Set Up

Different View

Master View could be exclusion of the IP address of the Corporate to filter out the employee visits


Cae Issue

Set a case filter to set them all to lower case:

Filter Rules are called Conditions:

Filter Field:

Country Filter: Example: Matches United States:

You can choose Action:

Example: Exclude IP address (employee of the same company)

Lower Case; use custom filter

Test the filter in Test View first:

Any small increment toward sales like Newsletter sign up is Micro Conversion and Final Sales is Macro Conversion


Steps prior to check out

This is in View

Need to add ecommerce code

Only 1 conversion if one user has downloaded 5 times

Tracking with eCommerce you will see 25 Dollars Revenue

No tagging required for AdWords

Pre-Defined Channels


Gives you Date Range

You can do Compare:

The Metric Columns:

Organic is filled in Filter

Advanced Filter:

Bounce Rate (For example Visits are greater than 50 – First sort by Bounce Rate

Pivot View: the last one

Rows and columns become Dimensions


Plot Rows: First checkmark the rows and then click plot rows:

You get:

Audience Report: Geographic for example



Recency Report


Types and Devices


Name, Brand, Service Provider,…

Custom Dimension If you have a form they indicate which industry they work in. First Capture user’s selections

Traffic Report

Why Bounce rate from YouTube is high? Obviously depends on Landing Page

Analytics For AdWords

Daypart report: when is it valuable to show the ads