18 Billion Devices will be connected by 2018 – 5 Billion PC, Tables, and Mobile in 2015

90 percent of population over 6 years old will have Mobile by 2020

Things are changing –

Paying with Phone


No More Maps

Bypass Hotel Front Desk

Open the Hotel Room Door with your smart phone Even Hotel Rooms with Mobile – Starwood Hotels

One campaign for all

Mobile Display Ads Image size is 320x50 mobile specific ad size

Home Depot has done a great job

Call Extensions

Google Says:

Measuring ROI – conversion optimizer lets you set cost per install

Conversion in the app – tracking events – Needs Integration in the app

SDK method – shows install and lunch

Conversion installation instruction _ tools - Conversions

Choose apps

Choose android – choose first open

Pick a name:

App is free – don’t assign a value

Look up your app

Optimization by default is off

This is for server to server – no need here

Time to place the code in the app SDK

Now server to server: for IOS

Optimization is on

Postback URL comes from 3th party

Save and continue

Where does the call come from? From ad or website?

When a user clicks on ad and goes to a website, Google places a call forwarding number on the website. You can now measure the source of this call. Also works for Mobile websites.

Click Conversion in Tools, then click on Phone Calls

Allows you to track calls and hence know what keywords generated those calls.

Phone Number Should be text and not image